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This blog has been created for an EU FP7 AAL project called SoMedAll. The purpose of this project will be in lowering the treshold of usability of Web services for the ageing and disabled people - and the purpose of this blog will be in writing articles and collecting opinions from readers.

Social media in internet has opened up several new ways for communication and social interaction. It has also brought new means for people to create and share information. Elderly people have huge amounts of valuable knowledge, experience and memories that they are willing to share. Social media is an ideal means for elderly people to enrich their social life and share their knowledge. But unfamiliar technology and lack of computer skills prevent them using it. New identified social media services need to be focused on ageing people taking account usability issues.

SoMedAll develops a platform for offering social media services for elderly people with a variety of easy-to-use user interfaces. By configuring the platform service providers can create web sites that enable content creation, communication and social media for elderly people. The platform includes open interfaces for adding new tools and features to the services.

Our objective is to make social media usable for elderly people with advanced and easy-to-use content creation, management and assistive user interaction technologies:

  • to build social media applications and activities around the content; bringing similar fun and entertaining social experiences to the elderly people like the youth is enjoying today in internet

  • to provide easy ways to create, store and share knowledge, experiences and memories

  • to provide easy fast communication, social interaction and creation of social networks with different kind of people such as family and friends, former colleagues and similar minded people and home care.

  • to develop tools that support co experience and co presence

  • to develop easy, adaptable and guided user interfaces for creating, managing and sharing content taking into account the mental and physical capabilities of the elderly people

  • the service can be used with users own language and supports multicultural communication

Our project produces a platform that offers social media focused on the needs of the elderly with a variety of easy-to-use user interfaces including web, PC, IPTV and mobile phone (equipments already at home) taking into account the skill levels of the users. We implement a prototype service, test use it among the elderly over national borders. We study the usability and the impact of the services to the life quality of the elderly. Our platform enables to develop new services cost efficiently. Business models are studied throughout the project. Our project provides solutions in European level: elderly people share the same problems all over the Europe and our services are available in the web to be used over national or geographical borders.

Our system will be developed combining user centered methods and high technology expertise. Our consortium has knowledge about the needs and skill levels of elderly people, expertise of system usability, social media, user interface and content management technologies. We will study the feasibility of the present social media among the elderly. End users are in the key role in planning and evaluation of the system and services.

Project has been ranked high in EU evaluation an can be started after EU CMU has accepted the end-user partner change in Italy. The project starting date may bee on Febuary or March 2010. Hopefully earlyer.


PROJECT STARTED in Finland 01. 02. 2010.
Funding negotiations are going in Italy and Slovenia at the moment (19.05.10).

The project kick-off is in 6th october 2010 in Florence Italy.

This means the funding negotiations have taken more than one year all together.

Please visit the project web page to read more:

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